×The Detroit Land Bank Authority’s public lobby is open by appointment only. Please note, the Guardian Building requires everyone entering the building to wear a mask. Lobby Hours are Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Other Projects

If you are interested in buying a property not listed for sale on our Auction, Own-it-Now, Rehabbed & Ready, or Side Lot platforms, we are here to help. Big or small, we'd love to hear your ideas!
Check out these 3 easy steps below to get started.

Decisions related to the disposition of property owned by the DLBA are approved by the DLBA Board at DLBA monthly public meetings. Departments, agencies, and organizations responsible for the disposition of property owned by the City and the DLBA, include: The Mayor’s Office (Jobs & Economy Team), the Housing and Revitalization Department, the Planning & Development Department, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, the City Law Department, the Detroit Building Authority, the DLBA, and the Department of Neighborhoods. These departments, agencies, and organizations endeavor to place publicly-owned property back in the hands of responsible private citizens and organizations by disposing of publicly-owned property in a transparent, fair, and efficient manner.

How The Program Works

Use the City of Detroit’s Detroit Development Opportunities map to locate the property of interest. Is it owned by the DLBA? City of Detroit? Someone else?
If the DLBA owns the property of interest, check out these FAQs to learn more about the process.
Complete the City Of Detroit Public Property Purchase Application Form. Once your Application is submitted, you can expect a call from a DLBA representative within 2-4 weeks, if DLBA owns the property.

Bundles of single-family homes located near each other. With these listings, we are looking for developers with capacity to rehab multiple houses at once. Buyers must purchase all properties in the bundle.

3 Homes on Springle A

4 Homes on Springle B

3 Homes on Springle C

3 Homes on Lenox

3 homes on Algonquin and Navahoe

Residential properties that require significant resources to complete a renovation. In some instances, the properties may be in stronger markets where a demolition and new-construction proposal may be feasible.

644 Marston

5715 Florida

7641 Brush

2511-15 Ash

11608 John R

8715 Beaubien

3875 33rd Street

A land based project uses land for urban agriculture, gardening, or beautification, whether for profit or as a community based activity.

Property 1

Past Projects

The DLBA works with individuals, groups, and businesses to sell land and structures for a variety of uses, everything from gardens and green space to new construction and residential developments. Sales are approved by the DLBA Board at DLBA monthly public meetings. To see where DLBA past sales are impacting the community, check out the City Of Detroit's Neighborhood Improvement Tracker and turn on on the 'Partner & Project Sales’ filter under 'DLBA Sold Properties'.